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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Vivi24/Female/Germany Groups :icontasukifamilyfans: TasukiFamilyFans
Tatsuki Family, not Tasuki
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TNBC - The Fearless Child (Fan-Fiction Cover) by Vivi-Bluefire TNBC - The Fearless Child (Fan-Fiction Cover) :iconvivi-bluefire:Vivi-Bluefire 6 0 Final Strike by Vivi-Bluefire Final Strike :iconvivi-bluefire:Vivi-Bluefire 6 5 Like Headshot - Kaschii by Vivi-Bluefire Like Headshot - Kaschii :iconvivi-bluefire:Vivi-Bluefire 4 2 Like Headshot - Yama by Vivi-Bluefire Like Headshot - Yama :iconvivi-bluefire:Vivi-Bluefire 5 0 Like Headshot - Alex by Vivi-Bluefire Like Headshot - Alex :iconvivi-bluefire:Vivi-Bluefire 7 2 Like Headshot - Keks by Vivi-Bluefire Like Headshot - Keks :iconvivi-bluefire:Vivi-Bluefire 7 2 Like Headshot - Nana by Vivi-Bluefire Like Headshot - Nana :iconvivi-bluefire:Vivi-Bluefire 8 3 Like Headshot - Vivi by Vivi-Bluefire Like Headshot - Vivi :iconvivi-bluefire:Vivi-Bluefire 6 2 Like Headshot - Michael by Vivi-Bluefire Like Headshot - Michael :iconvivi-bluefire:Vivi-Bluefire 6 2 Like Headshot - Kesuna by Vivi-Bluefire Like Headshot - Kesuna :iconvivi-bluefire:Vivi-Bluefire 9 2 Like Headshot - Hal by Vivi-Bluefire Like Headshot - Hal :iconvivi-bluefire:Vivi-Bluefire 6 2 Like Headshot - Shadow by Vivi-Bluefire Like Headshot - Shadow :iconvivi-bluefire:Vivi-Bluefire 9 9 My new ID by Vivi-Bluefire My new ID :iconvivi-bluefire:Vivi-Bluefire 4 0 Vivi - Gym Leader Outfit by Vivi-Bluefire Vivi - Gym Leader Outfit :iconvivi-bluefire:Vivi-Bluefire 5 9 Inner Echo by Vivi-Bluefire Inner Echo :iconvivi-bluefire:Vivi-Bluefire 7 17 Undertale - Frisk by Vivi-Bluefire Undertale - Frisk :iconvivi-bluefire:Vivi-Bluefire 4 6


That Guy... by cartoonjunkie That Guy... :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 931 84 tales of portollos - Masked Devil by Hol83 tales of portollos - Masked Devil :iconhol83:Hol83 4 3 Glowing dance by maskman626 Glowing dance :iconmaskman626:maskman626 4,878 272 Workshop by maskman626 Workshop :iconmaskman626:maskman626 1,354 168 #SeptiplierFriendship by cartoonjunkie #SeptiplierFriendship :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 1,706 103 Cat fight by maskman626 Cat fight :iconmaskman626:maskman626 5,085 556 Werbeception by Hol83 Werbeception :iconhol83:Hol83 6 0 The aDORKable Adventures [5] by cartoonjunkie The aDORKable Adventures [5] :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 2,013 196 Anti... by cartoonjunkie Anti... :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 1,241 35 Anti... by cartoonjunkie Anti... :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 1,258 67
Hands Introduction (Overwatch X Reader)
Where am I?
I sat up and groaned, putting a hand on my head to try and make the throbbing stop. I felt something was over my eyes and reached up, finding that my eyes were covered by what felt like an ACE bandage.
Why are my eyes covered...?
"You should really stay down, Darlin'."
I felt a feminine hand touch my shoulder and gently push me back down to have me lay down again. There was a separate set of hands that was pulling a blanket (I assume anyway) over me that felt more like a man's hands so I assume that was who spoke. I could hear several pairs of feet shifting around near me. I can't place how many people are in the room but I have a feeling that it's a lot.
"Jesse, stand down. She just woke up."
The new voice was also male but it wasn't nearly as accented as the first one. It sounded more authoritative than the first one.
"Boys. Be polite. We should really be making sure our guest is alright. Pardon the question, Love, but how do you feel?"
Female. British, I think.
:iconhopelessly-dreaming:Hopelessly-Dreaming 8 6
Magic Wings (Magician! Markiplier X Shy! Reader)
(Y/N) walked down the busy street with a few friends. She was never a social butterfly so she often stayed quiet and just listened to the others, speaking whenever she had an opinion or idea.
They were walking along Main Street where there were shops and street performers everywhere with families happily chatting, couples holding hands, and kids eating ice cream as they ran by.
There was always one performer out here that (Y/N) loved to see. He was a man who performed spells for people, using light magic to create illusions and beautiful displays of swirling designs in the air.
Magic was a staple in life for anyone blessed with being able to use it.
Her friends all could use magic and she was the only one in the group of 4 that couldn’t.
Those born without magic alway gather to see displays of it since they tend to be envious of their powers.
(Y/N) however preferred the man over his magic skills.
He was always so happy and bright.
He never misses a chance to make someone happy.
:iconhopelessly-dreaming:Hopelessly-Dreaming 14 7
Anti... by cartoonjunkie Anti... :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 1,530 113
Cop and Criminal (Wilford X Reader) Part 1
Wilford’s POV:
5 years.
It was supposed to be 10 years.
But I got lucky to get out early.
I was sloppy in my work but at least I got a lesser sentence than I was expecting. I just wish I’d
killed that bastard instead of teasing him for so long.
I just wanted him to suffer.
If I hadn’t toyed with him so long then the police wouldn’t have caught me.
And then there would be one less disgusting person in this world.
I should’ve killed him when I had the chance. I wouldn’t be here if I had just done it.
But now that I’m being released I’ll get the chance to finish the job.
But I can’t let the officers know my plan. I know that I can do it this time.
I know I won’t get caught this time.
I just have to stay “nice” until they think that I can handle myself and have been “reformed”.
I was being taken down the prison halls in handcuffs towards the open cafeteria area to meet my parole officer before my release. T
:iconhopelessly-dreaming:Hopelessly-Dreaming 14 15
Freedom Squad in Tales of Portollos Style by Hana-no-Kon Freedom Squad in Tales of Portollos Style :iconhana-no-kon:Hana-no-Kon 26 7 Rakuun - Join the Inra Corp by Hol83 Rakuun - Join the Inra Corp :iconhol83:Hol83 4 0

Hey everyone, sorry for this abrupt decision, but I need to close the commissions for now. It has personal reasons why it is how it is, and I hope you understand this. I will reopen them when everything on my side is settled, and when I find enough time to work on commissions again.

Sorry for the trouble.

Yours Vivi


Hey Allerseits, ich entschuldige mich für diese plötzliche Entscheidung meinerseits, aber ich werde die Commissions erst einmal schließen. Es hat personelle Gründe warum es so ist wie es ist und ich hoffe ihr könnt das verstehen. Ich werde sie erneut öffnen wenn bei mir alles geklärt ist und ich erneut Zeit für Commissions finde.

Tut mir Leid für die Umstände.

Eure Vivi


Vivi-Bluefire's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hi there everyone! Friends and visitors! ^-^
I´m Vivi and I´m happy to welcome you on my page =3

I´m an young girl which likes to draw and I try to show my feelings and imagination with it ^^

There are many things I like, for instance Let´s Play of many kinds, League of Legends, Videogames, different kinds of music, sweets and good food and animals. ^^
I often upload pictures based on an Youtube group called "LikeHeadshot" and some funny stories about them. But I draw other OCs, Youtubers and videogame characters too ^_^

I hope you enjoy my page =)

Well, have fun here! ^-^


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